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Monarca Group is a leading provider of Triple Bottom Line solutions, offering customized plans and strategies that help organizations effectively engage and communicate with diverse communities, including those that are often hard-to-reach. Our unique approach has resulted in increased participation in policy shaping and programming for Triple Bottom Line projects in Colorado and beyond. With a proven track record of success, we have helped organizations build strong relationships with underrepresented communities, leading to more inclusive and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.

Business Meeting
Analyzing the data
Consulting & Training


Monarca Group provides personalized and cultural approach strategies that will enable your organization better understand diverse communities' needs,  leading to more equitable outcomes.

Boots on the Ground Outreach


Our team of a mix of local professionals, business owners, and community members who are bilingual and bicultural specializes in providing direct multicultural engagement and interaction with hard-to-reach communities or target populations.

Data Analysis & Reporting


We provide quantitative and qualitative report analysis to convey engagement, equity metrics, and value-added from hard-to-reach communities or target populations.

Our reports highlight these community members' assets to the local community and economy.



  • Equity Implementation

  • Human-Center Design

  • Economic Development & Inclusion

  • Community Development

  • Workforce Development

  • Sustainability & Climate Action

  • Small Business Consulting

  • Software and Environmental Engineering

  • Youth Engagement

  • Multicultural Outreach & Engagement

  • Public Affairs

  • Understanding Immigrant Community Needs & Barriers

  • Human-touch & Authentic Relationship Building

  • Understanding the Dynamics of the Community

  • International Experience

Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line is a framework that helps organizations measure their success based on three essential factors: social, environmental, and economic. The social aspect of the triple bottom line looks at how an organization impacts its community and stakeholders, such as employees and customers. The environmental element considers the impact on the planet, including resource use, waste management, and pollution. Finally, the economic aspect evaluates the financial sustainability of a business, such as profitability and returns on investment. Considering all three parts, the triple bottom line approach promotes a more balanced and sustainable approach to an organization that believes in the broader impact on society and the planet. This framework encourages organizations to prioritize equitable decision-making, minimize their environmental footprint, and ensure financial sustainability for the long term.


Hard-to-reach communities are groups of people who face barriers to accessing mainstream services and support due to various factors, such as social exclusion, poverty, disability, or discrimination. These communities may be geographically isolated, linguistically or culturally diverse, or marginalized. As a result, they may experience limited access to healthcare, education, employment opportunities, or social services, exacerbating inequalities and contributing to social exclusion. Examples of hard-to-reach communities include refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people, people of color, undocumented members, people with disabilities, LGTBQ+, indigenous populations, and those living in rural or remote areas. 

Tel: 720-238-6799

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